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Chasing Rainbows

...nothing works round here......

18 May 1984
i'm called Gerrie (or Daisy) and i'm 27 years old. I live and work in Manchester

A quick run down of things i love and hate:
Love: kissing, alcohol, boys, dancing, music, crochet, knitting, sewing, cooking, reading, cycling, pole dancing, curly hair, ginger hair, brooches, rings, romance, flowers, sarcasm, cynicism
Hate: peas, sweetcorn, untidy kitchens

This is my pet-------¦>
my pet!

24 hour party people, 42nd street, 5th avenue, ac/dc, afflecks, amelie poulain, amélie, arctic monkeys, ash, babyshambles, belle de jour, bench, bench clothing, biffy clyro, blondie, bluetones, blur, bon jovi, britpop, buckcherry, chasing amy, cheese, cherry chau, coldplay, converse all star, crochet, cult childrens tv, david bowie, delicatessen, doctor who, dogma, doves, dubstar, dvds, eating out, editors, elastica, embrace, eyeliner, fallowfield, foo fighters, football, france, franz ferdinand, french, fruit beer, funkademia, german, german lager, germany, glastonbury, glee, goldfrapp, happy mondays, harry potter, heidelberg, ian brown, indie, inspiral carpets, ipod, jason lee, joy divison, kaiser chiefs, kevin smith, kiss, knitting, leeds festival, leeds united, levis jeans, longview, lucky charms, lyon, madchester, manchester, manchester restaurants, manchester uni, marrs bar, maximo park, monaco(the band), motown, mp3s, muse, my name is earl, new order, nine black alps, northern funk, northern quarter, northern soul, oasis, placebo, pole dance, pole dancing, pop clothing, pop manchester, primark, pulp, radiohead, red wine, republic, republica, sausage and mash, scissor sisters, sewing, shed seven, snow patrol, south, space-invaders, stevie wonder, stone roses, sub sub, suede, supergrass, supernatural, t-shirts, the beatles, the bluetones, the charlatans, the cribs, the curry mile, the killers, the libertines, the oc, the rakes, the seahorses, the smiths, the stone roses, the verve, the zutons, up the racket, v festival, vintage clothing, vintage t-shirts, vodbull, vodka redbull, volleyball, wallace and grommit, white wine, worcester